What Our Neighbors Say

You know I'm a staunch supporter of clean air and stopping pollution. [I was opposed to previously proposed asphalt plants.] But I spoke with Mr. Weir...it is hard for me to believe, and I know it will be hard for you to believe, but I'm here tonight to support Mr. Weir's asphalt plant. Especially since I have asthma...I understand it will be a small portable plant... It will be extremely low pollutants. I love his sound wall... The towers are short.

Charlene Mitchell, Escondido resident

I've lived in Escondido since 1977...I represent many real estate agents who live and work in Escondido... Local contractors currently drive all the way to Miramar for asphalt. I have physically looked at the facilities of George Escondido Asphalt Company and found the projects well kept and aesthetically pleasing. George is a well-established local businessman who will service the needs of Escondido first...

Chuck Smier, Escondido Real Estate agent

I'm the president of GScott asphalt...we have customers here in Escondido. Once they close down the San Marcos plant, we won't be able to come here and work, to service the customers here in Escondido. I don't know where they will get their asphalt other than Miramar, and you stand the chance of getting cold material once it gets up here. Once it's cold it's no good.

Dan Wimple, President, GScott Asphalt

I've watched three plants close in North County. I'm a small business, I maybe do 25-50 tons a day. [The Escondido plant] will relieve congestion on the 15, 78 and 5 [because trucks don't have to come from south county]. George is a great guy, I've had my equipment break down, I'd call him up he'd say, 'Hey, come over and use mine,' that's the kind of guy he is.

Blaine Marsa, local contractor

I support George and I support his project. I've done business in Escondido since 1972. I've used George Weir - he might have been one of my first asphalt contractors, I still use him to this day.

Paul Fredricks, local resident

I grew up in Escondido and my extended family all live here in Escondido... I'm the medical director for the Culture of Life Family Services clinic; we're one of those non-profit organizations that George Weir came through and helped get our parking lot paved. I'm also the medical director for the Elizabeth Hospice... I'm very sensitive to the health issues concerning those people who come to our clinic... We have to strongly consider the impact this plant will have on our patients... The technology shows this plant to be very clean. And you have to consider all the trucks that come in and all the emissions from that. If we don't have our own local plant they're going to have to drive a long distance, in traffic, and produce a lot of emissions. I think on the balance one has to consider that this will actually be a decrease compared to all the trucks that would have to haul asphalt up and down I-15. As a native of Escondido, I strongly support this plant.

Dr. Nicholas Jaurege, Escondido medical professional

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What measures do we use to keep the environment clean?

We recycle old asphalt paving right on our site, grinding it and reusing it in the making of our new asphalt for roads, driveways and parking lots. We keep this old product from ending up in landfills, reduce the need for foreign oil and additional mining operations, and we reduce the number of trucks on the road.
Why? Dust control. We lightly spray water on materials as they transfer between conveyors, screens and other loading operations. We also spray down the storage piles of our raw materials.
We use cleaner natural gas in the aggregate drying process.
We use the best available control technology on our asphalt oil storage tanks. We even vent the "loadout" to our blue smoke control system to better clean the air. The Butler-Justice Blue Smoke Control system has six stages of filtration and includes a proprietary filter control media developed exclusively for trapping oil droplets.
Every truck leaving our facility drives through a tire washing station to keep nearby streets clean and minimize dust.
Although our permit only requires Escondido Asphalt to run a street sweeper in front of our facility 30' from the entrance and exit, we also use our street sweeper on adjacent streets to assure a clean neighborhood
Warm-mix asphalt processes can lower the temperatures at which the material is mixed and placed on the road. Reductions of 50 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit have been documented. Such drastic reductions can cut fuel consumption, decrease the production of greenhouse gases, and drastically reduce the production of emissions.