What the Council Said

I'm not a big proponent of heavy industry in this city... physically we add a little more pollutants, but we are still below the federal and state pollution levels... We are not talking about a major asphalt plant. There is a big distinction between a major asphalt plant and a small portable plant. George you are special. You are a role model for doing business in Escondido... There is a tremendous need in this community.

Councilman Sam Abed

The impact of constructing roadways and our redevelopment efforts would be great if we didn't have an asphalt plant here in our City. We know George Weir has a good history in our city... The traffic volume has been deemed not to be significant. As far as George and Cynthia Weir I can't say enough positive.

Councilmember Marie Waldron

Four years ago I opposed a large asphalt plant... You drive by [George's facility] and you don't know what's going on behind those walls. It's very well done... It's going to take a lot of traffic off the freeways... We lost [the asphalt plant at] Pala, we're losing [the asphalt plant at] San Marcos, and in a few years we'll lose the facility in Mission Valley. Where we're going to pave our roads, really doesn't bother me, we're going to have this SPA (Scientifically Produced Asphalt) down here to satisfy the needs of our City, keep our costs down, get sales tax out of it, a state of the art facility... there's so many plusses on this. I told Mr. Weir, we're addressing our needs, I really don't have a problem with this facility... It's really a win-win for everybody... George's integrity and honesty have a lot to do with it. I know when George says he's going to do something he will do it.

Councilman Ed Gallo

I also voted against the previous plant... This is probably the smallest plant that Escondido is going to have the opportunity to approve. I don't think most residents understand how much of this product we use... These trucks are coming regardless. I don't think people recognize how many trucks are coming into this city...having this size plant is much more palatable. Mr. Weir is an easy person for us to deal with... This is widely supported by the business community, a lot of the residents and the staff within this City want this at all levels... There will eventually be [an asphalt plant] here; in my opinion the best person to run it is Mr. Weir.

Councilman Ron Newman

If you do not have an asphalt plant close by, you are actually creating more pollution by the truck traffic that has to bring that asphalt for many many miles, and it takes a lot more trucks bringing it from Miramar to keep it going where it only takes a few local trucks to keep it going... Many cities throughout our county will realize that having a small plant is the way to go. Maybe one plant per two cities. That way maybe everyone has the opportunity to have asphalt close by.

Mayor Lori Holt Pfeiler

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What measures do we use to keep the environment clean?

We recycle old asphalt paving right on our site, grinding it and reusing it in the making of our new asphalt for roads, driveways and parking lots. We keep this old product from ending up in landfills, reduce the need for foreign oil and additional mining operations, and we reduce the number of trucks on the road.
Why? Dust control. We lightly spray water on materials as they transfer between conveyors, screens and other loading operations. We also spray down the storage piles of our raw materials.
We use cleaner natural gas in the aggregate drying process.
We use the best available control technology on our asphalt oil storage tanks. We even vent the "loadout" to our blue smoke control system to better clean the air. The Butler-Justice Blue Smoke Control system has six stages of filtration and includes a proprietary filter control media developed exclusively for trapping oil droplets.
Every truck leaving our facility drives through a tire washing station to keep nearby streets clean and minimize dust.
Although our permit only requires Escondido Asphalt to run a street sweeper in front of our facility 30' from the entrance and exit, we also use our street sweeper on adjacent streets to assure a clean neighborhood
Warm-mix asphalt processes can lower the temperatures at which the material is mixed and placed on the road. Reductions of 50 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit have been documented. Such drastic reductions can cut fuel consumption, decrease the production of greenhouse gases, and drastically reduce the production of emissions.